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Ha'penny BridgeA two tonne yacht was stolen from a driveway in a plush Dublin home in broad daylight and driven down the busy Stillorgan dual-carraigeway. Gardai did later retrieve the yacht following a tip-off.

Kerry kids forge notes on home PCThree Kerry teens forged thousands of Euros from bedroom... A home computer and scanner were all a group of teenagers needed to land in the money. They scanned a €50 note into the PC, then printed copies which were passed in
pubs and nightclubs.


Couple due to appear in court after being caught making love in centre of Croke Park pitch the night before the Clare-Kilkenny hurling final, in September. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Sinead Duffy, who failed to appear in court.

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A shocking revelation was uncovered in former Irish rugby captain, Paddy John's autobiography recently. During a tour of South Africa four years ago the Irish team covered themselves with fake tan to scare their opposition. The result? A 33 - 0 drubbing! During their tour they were able to bring their hammocks and were able to relax after their opposition arrived

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